Last Updated: Jan. 27, 2020

List of Kyushu University's Recent Evaluation Results (National University Corporation Evaluation)

First Mid-term Objectives Period (2004-2009) , Second Mid-term Objectives Period (2010-2015) , Evaluation results for each mid-term objectives period

★Kyushu University placed third among all national universities in Japan (86 in all) in the National University Corporation Evaluations for both the first and second mid-term objectives evaluation periods.

Ⅰ.Improvement in Education and Research

Summary of Evaluation Results
Note: Not all evaluation categories are reviewed in both the first and second evaluation periods.
Each evaluation category is given one of five  ratings (Excellent, Good, Fair, Insufficient, and Areas of serious concern.)
First period Second period Changes from previous period
(Ⅰ)Objectives related to education Fair Good call_made
  ①【First period】Educational outcomes Fair - -
  ②【First period】 Educational content Fair - -
  ①【Second period】Educational content and outcomes - Good call_made
  ②Educational process and structure Good Fair call_received
  ③Student support Good Good arrow_forward
(Ⅱ)Objectives related to research Excellent Excellent arrow_forward
  ①Research standards and outcomes Excellent Excellent arrow_forward
  ②Research process and structure Good Excellent call_made
(Ⅲ)【First period】 Other goals Good - -
(Ⅲ)【Second period】 Objectives related to community relations, social contribution, and internationalization - Good -
  ①【First period】 Community relations and international exchange Good   -
  ①【Second period】 Community relations and social contribution - Fair -
  ②【Second period】Internationalization - Good -
  ③【Second period】
Academic information infrastructure
- Good -

Ⅱ.Operational Improvement and Financial Conditions

Summary of Evaluation Results Each evaluation category is given one of five ratings (Excellent, Good, Fair, Insufficient, and Areas of serious concern).
First period Second period Changes from previous period
(1)Improvement and efficiency of operations Excellent Good call_received
(2)Improvement of financial conditions Good Excellent call_made
(3)Self-assessment and provision of information Good Good arrow_forward
(4)Other aspects of management and operations Good Insufficient call_received

Third Mid-term Objectives Period (2016 - 2021) , Evaluation Results for the FY2016 Plan

Summary of Evaluation Results Remarks Points to note Right on schedule More or less on schedule Behind schedule Areas of serious concern
(1) Improvement and optimization of operations          
(2) Improvement of financial conditions          
(3) Self-assessment and provision of information  

(4) Other aspects of management and operations          

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